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The Shop on Blossom Street (Blossom Street #1), Debbie Macomber

So is anyone else up for a free eBook copy of Debbie Macomber’s (or D-Mac as Christina at Reading & Randomness calls her) ‘The Shop on Blossom Street’?

I’m not all into Debbie Macomber – not usually enough action for me – but her books are always the best for a relaxing evening with a cup of hot tea while in the background there’s a nice fire & outside it’s snowing or raining. Please, note – in this fantasy there are no children, no animals, and no husbands… Just a few hours of this would be terrific… oh, well, back to reality.

Right now, it’s free and let me tell you that price can’t be beaten!!

Barnes & Noble Synopsis
Four lives knit together…

There’s a little shop on Blossom Street in Seattle called A Good Yarn. You go there to buy knitting supplies and patterns – and now it’s offering a knitting class. The first lesson: how to knit a baby blanket.

For owner Lydia Hoffman, the shop represents her dream of beginning a new life free from the cancer that has ravaged her twice. A life that offers a chance at love… and maybe marriage.

Jacqueline Donovan is stuck in a marriage that has dwindled into an arrangement of separate rooms and separate lives. She disapproves of the woman married to her only son, but if she knits a baby blanket, she can at least pretend to like her pregnant daughter-in-law.

For Carol Girard, the baby blanket brings a message of hope as she and her husband make a final attempt at in vitro pregnancy.

And tense-looking Alix Townsend – that’s Alix with an “i” – is learning to knit her blanket for her court-ordered community service…

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