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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer has written a novella to ‘help her examine the other side of Eclipse.’ The hardcover will be released on June 5, 2010.
As a special thank you to fans, Meyer is giving them exclusive access to the novel on a
dedicated website, www.breetanner.com, from June 7 to July 5, 2010 where fans from around
the world will be able to read the book online in English. “I’d always considered The Short
Second Life of Bree Tanner as something for the fans,” said Meyer. “They have been so
supportive of all things Twilight.”
The Twilight Saga Collection
I’ve not yet picked up an installment of Twilight. I really don’t typically go for the vampire-werewolf thing. Well, occasionally, but I’ve never gotten into a series. I couldn’t stay interested in Anne Rice much beyond a book or two so I’ve really not pursued it too much.

Is Twilight the place to start or are there some better? Where would you start? Will you buy it or just read it?

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3 thoughts on “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, Stephanie Meyer

  1. Hi Gina. 🙂
    Here's my take on your Twilight dilemma, which is probably going to be longer than your post. LOL!

    1. I read Twilight in Sept. 2006 WAY before it became so excessively popular and at the time, I loved the book. Believe it or not, it was my introduction to paranormal romance and it inspired me to search for adult versions of that kind of story. I started reading paranormal romance after that and finally branched out to other romance genres and even fantasy fiction. Now I also read cozy mysteries and some general fiction. So I'm still very glad that I read Twilight and it will always be kind of special to me.

    2. I don't think Anne Rice's vampire stories and the vampire stories of most fiction out there these days can be compared. The vampires in paranormal romance these days are for the most part romanticized and usually the "good guys" who get the girl.

    3. Would I recommend you pick up and read Twilight now? I don't know. If you enjoy YA fiction or have children in your life who may read it… you may want to read it so you can talk about it with them. Otherwise, I don't know… I think the excessive hype and or criticism surrounding the series detracts from many adult's enjoyment of the series. Besides the last books sucks. LOL. (No pun intended).

    4. Even after saying all that, I'll probably read the short story online when it's free or borrow the book from the library. I'm curious about the quality of Meyers' writing and story telling voice after not having liked the last Twilight book so much. Plus I want to be in the know because my daughter and most of her friends have read the series. Now my younger daughter's peers are starting to read the series, although my daughter (11) isn't interested in it.

    5. If you're curious about reading a paranormal romance with either vampires or werewolves, I can make a recommendation or two for you, depending on what you're looking for. Something serious or something over the top mad-fun?

    Okay I think I hit all points. LOL.

    Sorry to have taken over your post.

  2. WOW, Christine! Thanks a bunch!

    It's funny because, though I say that I don't like paranormal I guess I actually do – just generally not the vampire, werewolf, etc. realm of that genre.

    You did answer my question exactly as I had hoped. And because of you – THANK YOU – I probably won't read them until one of the kids becomes interested or I absolutely have nothing else that seems interesting.

    I generally do not enjoy YA and will only read it if I'm proofing before letting the kids have at it.

    On top of that, I'm really not into romance novels. I'll read them only if they have a STORY. I just can't stand to read all of that gooshy crap if there is nothing else there.

    I do, however, think I may grab a copy of the on-line version of her book to see if I enjoy her writing – so stay tuned as I may change my mind!!

  3. I'm glad I could be of some help! 😀

    I've always loved a good romance all my life…. in real life, movies, books, and so on… if it's accompanied by some exciting adventure, all the better! It's really surprising (to myself!) that I only started reading romance when I was in my late 30s. I don't like "gooshy crap" either, which I think tends to be more prevalent in older historical romances? I don't know. I like most of what I read these days. 🙂

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