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Review: The Spy Who Saved Christmas

Two years ago Lara had the night of her life. She lost her virginity and her butcher shop. Though she’s not positive what happened she’s positive that the man who took her virginity died in the fire that consumed her shop. The insurance brought the business back but not Reid.

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Until she finally goes out on a date and runs into Reid. It couldn’t be him – but it is. So she goes to talk to him. Shouldn’t he know that the only time she’s ever lost herself resulted in twins? As Lara follows Reid out of the restaurant a black SUV pulls up peppers the area with bullets. Killing Reid’s date – and leaving Lara to wonder why Reid would save her and leave his date to the mercy of the attackers.

Their reunion doesn’t go well. The attraction is still there as Reid conveys Lara and her kids to the nearest safe house but it’s quickly cooled when Lara informs him of ‘their’ children. Reid knows he can’t have kids – so Lara’s lying. Until he actually sees them.

Wait! Reid doesn’t have time for this… distraction. He’s on a case. He’ll wrap up the case and then figure out what to do. So he dumps Lara off with a colleague and races against the clock to find the rogues. When he returns, it’s to find his colleague being rushed to the hospital, Lara sporting rope burns on her wrists and ankles, and no kids. To top it off – he’s off the case. It’s gotten too personal.

My thoughts

Oh, my!! I loved this book! It’s funny, I received an ARC of this book and when I opened it and found that it was a draft with notations I thought I’d never be able to read it. Then, the first chapter is about Lara & Reid’s ‘union’, so I almost put it down. But I thought, I made a promise & I’ll at least read a bit more. Boy am I glad I did! I finished it in an afternoon – I couldn’t put it down!

What I didn’t like? I can’t think of anything. I enjoyed that Reid and Lara kept remembering and noting how the other had changed from who they were before to who they are now. I enjoyed that while it was sexy it wasn’t graphic. oh, and I loved the plot.

This book releases soon so grab it today!
Still on the fence? Read the first chapter here.

Rating: A+
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2 thoughts on “Review: The Spy Who Saved Christmas

  1. Catching up with all the blogs I haven’t had a chance to visit in a while, it was good to hear all your latest news. I'm hoping to take part in a christmas reading challenge again this year and this sounds ideal, thanks for the recommendation.

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