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The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, Leanna Renee Hieber

Many years ago six were given guardianship. It was their duty to keep the chaotic Darkness from infiltrating this world. They have taken their duties seriously for many years. Waiting for the seventh the prophetess foretold. Wondering who the seventh would be. And for some, longing for love to finally find them.

The Guard spends it’s time in Victorian England dispelling the spirits and the darkness that would overtake the city. They each have been given a gift from their muse to help them in their journey. They are the few that watch the dead move among us. Fortunately they do not hear…

Percy comes to Athens Academy because she can no longer learn from the convent. She must leave. The stares are too great. Percy is ghostly white. Her hair, her complexion. Most think they’ve seen a ghost – except the guard. But the prophetess said that the seventh would be a peer.

Miss Linden has come to town. She is exquisite. One couldn’t hope for more. She has found friendship with four of the six. Why are the others withholding judgement?

Who is the seventh? When will the war begin? Will the prophetess return? Will they find love at last? Who will die first?

The book is categorized as a thriller. I think not. It’s not edge-of-your-seat nail biting suspense. It is, however, a pretty good book. I enjoyed each of the characters. As a whole they each were decent. Some have larger personalities than others. 

I’m not into too much paranormal and I did think the whole ‘Ripper’ thing was a bit odd. It’s a ghost dog that rips up women alone on the streets that The Guard doesn’t know how to defeat. It was a really cool element in the book – but could have been so much better. 

I’ll admit – much of my problem with this book is that you have to read every word. I have major issues with that. I tend to speed read. You cannot do that with this book – at least I couldn’t. Sometimes I had to read a paragraph several times to get everything out of that was being conveyed. 

I also was ready for the book to be done while only about 3/4 through. It just felt like the end was near. Unfortunately, it just kept going. This is different because usually I’m not ready for a book to end – I’m always looking for extra pages, epilogues, or the next in a series. 

Reading ‘The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker’ is not wasted time – but be sure that you have time to pay attention before picking it up. It’s definitely not a beach book!

Rating: B
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

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2 thoughts on “The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, Leanna Renee Hieber

  1. I've read a lot of great reviews on this one so it was refreshing to hear some of the things that may bother me as well. I'm not hugely fond of having to read every word either. I don't really mean to speed read but when books are like that I find myself rereading pages and paragraphs over. I still really want to read this book though!
    Thanks for the great, and honest review!

  2. I really try to get the whole page in but sometimes I get so excited I find myself reading faster and faster then I see something and think WHAT!?!?!?! Then I have to see where the author snuck that in and what I missed. I did that alot with this book.

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