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Every day we read blogs and they impact what we read. It really bothers CMash from CMash Loves to Read so very much that she enlisted the help of Julie from Reading without Restraint and myself to set up a new challenge.

So this challenge is for them!


We’d like to link our reviews that mention the blogger that suggested the book we’ve read and are now reviewing.

How thankful are you?

  • 1-6 Books (~1 review every 2 months)
  • 7-12 Books (~1 reviews every month)
  • 13-24 Books (~ 2 reviews every month)
We’re not making this a difficult challenge, actually, it’s going to be very simple!
  1. Write a starting post stating how thankful you plan to be in the upcoming year and link it to the linky we’ll have on the starting post.
  2. Read a book recommended  to you by another blogger. (This book can be a crossover from another challenge.)
  3. Review the book & Recognize the blogger who recommended it to you.
  4. Recommend the Book in our Recommend linky by linking your review post naming the blogger who recommended the book to you.
Easy, right? Who wants to be in on the fun?

What else will we be doing? We’ll have quarterly giveaways for our participants to enter and unannounced special drawings for commenters on the site so be sure to leave your email address with your comment!

So head on over, write your post, and sign up today!!

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