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Finally, Ruth is getting what she wants! The only thing she wanted was for her nephew to marry one of her grand-daughters (not blood related, of course ;)).

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For months mow she’s watched as two of her three grand-daughters have found husbands – neither being the nephew Ruth wished to be married. Now the future is in her sights but she’s promised not to meddle.

Things fall nicely into Ruth’s plans though when Ryan and Julie are called away to China on business leaving the wedding unplanned but the invitations mailed out. They each turn to the person they trust most when they ask that Marina and Todd plan the wedding for them. It should be simple, if Todd can get past his trust issues and Marina can forget his reputation and just get to know the man.

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‘The Ultimate Millionaire’ was quite a lot of fun! I just adore wedding planning books and this was exception. It was also fun to watch them fight their instincts because they each knew better – especially with the outstanding million dollar offer from Marina’s grandmother to give she and her sisters each a million if one of them marries Todd.

A light roller coaster that leaves you wanting more Mallery.

Author: Susan Mallery
Rating: B+
Steam: Adult
Series: Million Dollar Catch 3
Publisher: Silhouette Publish Date: 1/1/2007
ISBN: 0373767722 Price: $3.10(GR)
Others in the series: The Substitute Millionaire, 1
The Unexpected Millionaire, 2
The Ultimate Millionaire, 3

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