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The Wedding Trap

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Kit can’t believe that his sister-in-law could ask this of him? How could she ask him to do this? She really wants him to take her best friend – her plain, terribly shy best friend – and help her not only to be noticed but to be outgoing enough to find herself a decent husband in this her fifth season?

Eliza is positive that she’s gotten over her infatuation. How could she still be in love with someone she’s not seen in years? There shouldn’t be any problem with spending several hours a day with him just learning to converse and dance… Alone. Just the two of them. No. No problem at all.

Hott Review

I really enjoyed this book. It was such a light and fun read. Perfect for an afternoon on the beach. Though we’ve seen a similar plot in several recent movies, it was fun to watch it in a historical romance with characters that we’ve gotten to know in other books.

I love Tracey Ann Warren’s writing and have read this series before, so it was no surprise that I enjoyed this again. If you’ve not done so already, grab one today!

Author: Tracy Anne Warren
Rating: a
Steam: Adult
Series: The Trap Trilogy 3
Publisher: Ivy Books Publish Date: May 30th 2006
ISBN: 0345483103 Price: $6.99(GR)
Others in the series: The Husband Trap
The Wife Trap
The Wedding Trap

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1 thought on “The Wedding Trap

  1. Awww man gotta love those covers…LOL

    This looks really cute though. Don't we all need a little fluff romance in our lives every once in a while? Thanks for the review.

    XOXO~ Renee C.

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