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The Whisper

Sophie Malone seems to sure of herself to be innocent – is it an act or is she involved? Scoop Wisdom can’t afford to be wrong. He has heard the whispering. He knows someone else was involved in the explosion that almost took his life – and the lives of his friends – but proving it was an inside job is another story. He’s too involved now to be a part of the case.

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Sophie, on the other hand, knows better than to trust agents but at this point what are her options? She can’t come clean to her brother – he’s an FBI agent. Her parents and twin sister would just worry. She’s really just an archeologist who made an amazing discovery only to have it ripped from between her fingers! Or did Sophie just imagine it? Were those whispers she heard just part of the legend?

This was my very first Carla Neggers book – and again I started in the middle of a series (I really need to do a bit more review before I begin reading..). The storyline and the details were terrific. Sophie and Scoop were both well thought out complete and like-able characters. I loved the mystery. The villain was perfect and extremely well thought out – not easy to guess but there the whole time. It was really a good book.

My opinion? I really didn’t enjoy it. It’s probably because there were quite a lot of characters and I really had trouble keeping them all straight. It’s wonderful that they were the characters from the rest of the series – and she really did try to enlighten me throughout the book – but I just couldn’t keep everyone straight. Unfortunately, because of that I really just couldn’t get ‘into it.’

I think I’m going to try another of her book series – from the beginning – and see what we can do. I really think I’d enjoy her books. The story-lines and characters all seem to be something I’d love.

Oh well, maybe another time.

Rating: B
Buy or Borrow: Buy-if you have the others

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