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The Wife Trap

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Banish Jeanette? Who would do such a thing? And to Ireland? It’s a whole body of water away from England! Couldn’t they have sent her to Scotland instead? That’s much closer to return from when they realize their mistake!

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Jeanette is still in shock. Adrian & Violet have admitted to everyone that he truly married Violet and not Jeanette and the twins’ parents are shocked to their toes! how could Jeanette have spent the last year pretending o be someone she was not. Of course, violet would have been punished much worse, except she’s now married and only answers to her husband. So now Jeanette is stuck in Ireland where there is nothing to do and no available men. Well, there is one that’s positively gorgeous but he’s below Jeanette and she just can’t ruin the last chance she may have at marriage.

Darraugh isn’t quite ready to marry but a little flirtation with his new neighbor may be in order. Especially since she refuses to give him the time of day. The snotty lass sticks her nose up because he works for a living. Darraugh is a bloody Earl, not a common laborer but will she let him get that out of his mouth? Oh, no, she took one look at him clothes and assumed she knew everything.

Hott Review

While I enjoyed the plot of the book immensely it just didn’t captivate me. I love a plot that takes a snotty princess type and turns her into a real person and, in that, the plot did not disappoint. The were just some areas of the book that seemed to lag for me.

Even with the lag, I’d suggest reading this – especially, if you’ve read the other two….just don’t expect the same captivation.

Author: Tracy Anne Warren
Rating: B
Series: The Trap Trilogy 2
Publisher: Ivy Books Publish Date: April 25th 2006
ISBN: 034548309X Price: $6.99(GR)
Others in the series: The Husband Trap
The Wife Trap
The Wedding Trap

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