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VIdeo Review | Theo Vol 1: God’s Love DVD

Theo Vol 1: God’s Love is a fun collection of three Bible stories for children, each detailing a different aspect of God’s great love for his people. Each lesson focuses on a topic that is entertaining as well as a teaching opportunity for young children. Theo Vol 1: God’s Love contains three ten minute lessons for children, all focused on the importance of love.

Saving Faith

In this episode, children are introduced to Theo. He is a king English gentleman who is very wise in his knowledge of the Bible. Theo is a theologian, and teaches children about faith in this particular episode. He talks about the numerous things that we can believe in, but illustrates the importance that they are not all worthy of faith. In order to illustrate what the life of a dedicated believer looks like, Theo talks about Abraham. The Lord had favor with Abraham, and he was greatly blessed because of his faith. Theo details many important lessons of faith throughout the life of Abraham. Come along on this first adventure with Theo and learn about what it means to have faith!

Loving Obedience

This second installment features Theo once more, along with two field mice, Luther and Belfry. They have befriended the old theologian and desperately want to please him. Unfortunately, they are usually tangled up in mischief wherever they go. Theo decides to teach them the lesson of obedience, using the life of Jonah as an illustration. He discusses the consequences of disobedience and the great reward God has in store for us if we follow his commands. This important lesson for children is presented in a fun and entertaining manner sure to appeal to children of all ages.


In the third and final lesson, Luther and Belfry learn that forgiveness is not an easy thing. Theo tries to help his furry little friends understand the importance of forgiveness and how to put it into practice in their daily lives. He uses the parable of the unforgiving servant to illustrate forgiveness. Theo stresses the point that we have been forgiven by God, though we don’t deserve it, because he loves us. This means that we, in turn, must show love to others by forgiving them even when they don’t deserve it. The two mice learn that forgiveness is something that Christians are called to do, and this lesson will stick with children and help them implement it into their lives.

Theo Vol 1: God’s Love contains three lessons for children that will help them understand how to actively practice showing God’s love. This collection contains a sixteen-page parents’ guide, scripture references, family activities, discussion questions, and nightly devotionals for children to enjoy with their parents. This volume is sure to impress parents and children as it imprints Biblical morals upon the hearts of children.

Hott Review:

What I liked: I really enjoyed Theo and his Shoebox Bible Theatre. These short videos are perfect for toddlers at home or in addition to a bible school lesson.
Theo is a great character who in combination with his naughty mice teach much-needed lessons in a variety of ways to drive these messages home for our next generation.
The included parent’s guide is a great resource even without the videos. It walks us through the lesson in an easy to understand way that is sure to lay that foundation we’re all trying to give our youngsters.
I think the thing I liked most is that Theos lessons, while fun and informative, feel more traditional and less worldly than many lessons, videos, or other devotionals inundating our stores and lives.
What I didn’t like: The stories were very general and skipped, what I felt were, important areas of each story but as they were only ten minutes long I am expecting a bit much.

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Author: Whitestone Media
Source: FishFlix.com
Genre: Christian, Children’s Videos
ISBN: 602537409518
Grade: A
Ages: 2-6
Series: Theo, Vol 1

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