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It’s That Time Again!

So how many have given up on Barnes & Noble? I know I have. It’s really dismal how badly things go isn’t it?

It’s time to get this week’s Free Reads & Great Deals!! Are you Ready?

Just click on the covers to get your Kindle books

  • All covers will take you directly to Amazon.
  • Unless noted the books were Free at the time of posting.
  • If I’ve found the book Free elsewhere, I’ll give links for all of the free sites below the cover — If it’s not free at amazon, the cover will still take you to Amazon BUT the icon will not be below the book.

Kindle Only Deals:

$2 Christian Fiction

$1 Christian Mystery

$1 Christian Fiction

$3 Christian Mentors

$2 Quaker Fiction

$2 Christian Fun 😉

Christian Free Reads

Secular Free Reads

Kindle Children & YA Free Reads:

Disclaimer: I try my best to check all links, categories and prices but I have not read these books nor do I control the bookstores so, please, check before you buy!

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4 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again!

  1. Hey babe! Guess what! We are all moved! Well… we’re in but not finished yet. I think the boxes multiply while we are sleeping. I can empty 10 boxes and it doesn’t look like I have done anything.
    I will do a blog post about it all sometime next week and put on some pictures.

    We should be having the closing on our NY home the end of Oct sometime. Woo hoo.

    How’s things with you?

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