Vengeance in Death

This is definitely one of my favorites in this series! I’m not really sure what it is about this particular book that I enjoy so much.
The book begins with Eve closing an open and shut case – just like she enjoys them. Unfortunately, on her way out she receives a call from an unidentified caller stating that he has just committed a first-degree murder. Then he proceeds to taunt Eve with a riddle. The name of his riddle is – Revenge.It doesn’t take long for Eve to determine that this comes from Roarke’s past or that Summerset is being implemented in the murders. As much as she should enjoy questioning and taunting him – knowing this came from Marlena’s torture makes it difficult for her.

I think my favorite part of the entire book is when Eve’s driving though town, asks Peabody a question, and gets the response, “I’m sorry, sir, you’re interrupting my praying”.

Rating: A+

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  • I loved the Summerset and Eve dynamic in this book. I'm curious to see what else transpires between them as the series progresses from here. I did like the way he helped Eve get Roarke's Christmas gift in Holiday In Death.

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