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What a Friday!

It’s Free Friday time at Hott Books and just look at Barnes and Noble has up for grabs today:

Just click on the book cover to be taken directly to the book.
Please, research the book before buying. I have categorized them to the best of my knowledge but I HAVE NOT read any of these books and can only rely on the info I’ve seen. Also, be sure to review the price. Several of these have counterparts that are not free. Make sure that the price is FREE before downloading.




For up to date great freebies visit Books on the Knob!

Did you miss out on a terrific freebie? Are you in on the Book Buying Ban? Do you prefer to wait to buy a book until you know if you like it? Well, I have just the thing for you! Joy over at Edgy Inspirational Romance has pulled together a new Goodreads group ‘Kindle & Nook Lending for Christian Fiction Fans‘ for lending ebooks. Stop by & and join in on the fun!

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4 thoughts on “What a Friday!

  1. hmm…lol..I don't know whether to ty or be mad at you lol…just d/l'd another book to my new named "hopefully tbr in my lifetime list". I loved some of the covers but when with Sleep Tight. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to next Friday's list.

  2. It's a ton!! I just couldn't believe it!!

    I know just what you mean! I think I own more than 1000 free friday books that I've never even looked at!

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