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What a Lady Wants

Upon the realization that she is the last of the girls from her season still unwed Felicity decides to take action. Though never before believing in fate, faeries, or anything not strictly ‘scientific’ she takes the evening in question on her balcony to choose the perfect star – ‘one not overly bright because it would be well used and one not overly dim as it may not have the strength for a wish of this magnitude.’
As she finishes wishing for ‘a future that’s not staid and boring and ordinary,’ shots ring out and a man missing his jacket jumps from the balcony next door and runs into her garden. Felicity does what any normal girl of twenty-three would do – she gets her spyglass to see what is happening. ‘Even as Felicity raised her spyglass to her eye, she knew observing her neighbors thusly was completely wrong. She fully intended to chastise herself about it later. She steps back into the shadows so as not to be seen an is startled to see the ‘intruder’ staring at her and asking if it’s safe. They speak for a bit, then he takes his leave, and Felicity thanks her star – asking just one remaining question – Who was that man? What a Lady Wants
I really enjoy Victoria Alexandra. She always makes me laugh, there are always complications – typically a stubborn man – and I can relax without feeling the need to thinkthrough her plot. There are times such as now – when I have strep and can barely hold a thought in my head – that her books are exactly what the doctor ordered.I adore the Effington series but the Land Man Standing series is a new light on an old friend.

Rating: A+

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