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When the Wind Blows

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It may ruin his career but that’s all

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Kit has left to lose. Kit knows there is something connecting the sudden demise of these doctors but his boss at the FBI has told him in no uncertain terms that Kit must drop it or lose his job.

Frannie still is unable to move past her husband’s death. Every night brings her yet another dream of him. She knows she’s missing something but just can’t place her finger on it.

Max has finally escaped. Sure she’s only eleven, but Max knows even running like this is better than staying there another minute. Now, she just needs to find out whether he made it out alive.

Hott Review

All these years this book has been sitting on my shelf and I’ve chosen others. All of the James patterson books I’ve read and wondered “why?” All of those wasted pages.THE THREE R'S

Finally! I finally get why Cheryl and Julie keep reading and suggesting James Patterson. This was such a terrific book. Maybe I should just read his older stuff because it’s much more compelling.

Thanks, my friends, for continuing to suggest his books to me – I finally get it! This was awesome!

Author: James Patterson
Rating: A
Steam: Adult
Others in the series: The Lake House, 2

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