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Wicked Widow

Madeline Deveridge is has been nightmares.

Wicked Widow, Amanda Quick
Vanza Series #3

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Artemis Hunt is called the Dream Merchant.
What could be more appropriate?

They said she’s murdered her husband because she’d found him inconvenient. They said she’d set fire to the house to conceal her crime.

They said she might well be mad.

Artemis Hunt is astonished when he gets a note from Madeline Hunt asking for his help. He is curious enough, though, to meet with her. She picks him up in his carriage and asks for his help in finding her maid who has been kidnapped. Artemis is positive the maid has run off but agrees to help when Madeline not only tells him that she knows he’s the Dream Merchant – a closely guarded secret – but also that he’s a Vanza Master – an even more closely guarded secret.

He’s not sure which he he is more curious about – how she knows these things or why she detests Vanza. Even worse – he’s not sure why he cares.

I believe that this is my favorite of the Vanza books. It really begins to get into the ‘Arcane’ mindset of her later books. It’s not theatrical like ‘I Thee Wed’ or historical romance like ‘With This Ring’ it’s on a completely different plane. Generally when I pick up the Arcane books to start over, again, I begin with this one. Try it!

Rating: A+

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