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Wild Rose’s Weaving

Hott Synopsis


Like all children Wild Rose runs and plays while her grandmother works hard weaving their new rug.

“How could weaving possibly be better than playing?” but her grandmother is a master weaver who brings playtime to life in their new rug – but cab she teach Wild Rose to appreciate weaving?

Hott Review

Wild Rose so reminds me of my niece! With the ‘sorry, about your luck – I’ve got better things to do!’ attitude. As we watched Wild Rose play instead of weave we see the pattern follow her adventure. When she’s finally done playing, she finally sees how her grandmother’s weaving was just as adventurous as her playtime.

It’s so well written even my three year old niece noticed!

Great book for under 5

Author: Ginger Churchill
Illustrator: Nicole Wong
Rating: B
Steam: Nada
Publisher: Tanglewood Publish Date: 10/14/2011
ISBN: 9781933718569 Price: $10.74(GR)

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