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With This Ring

Leo, Earl of Monkcrest, AKA ‘The Mad Monk’, is utterly shocked when a carriage pulls up to the door of his country estate. He barely welcomes invited quests and it’s been months since anyone has been invited. Out of the carriage comes Beatrice, who insists to the butler that she will be admitted and will go directly to her room.

Upon arriving to her room the maid explains to Beatrice how Monkcrest ‘knows’ things – like that Beatrice wants to see him in an hour – and is upset by Beatrice’s assumption that he probably just opened the window and listened to her conversation with the butler. Oh, well, I’m sure the Earl has use for keeping up with the legend.

Beatrice has come to the Earl for help. Her uncle has just died and is therefore unable to provide the handsome dowry he offered for Beatrice’s cousin. He tied all of his money up in some ancient rings that everyone wants and no one can find. As Leo is a leading historian, Beatrice is sure that he will help. Leo, however, doesn’t believe that the rings even exist and thinks she’s a bit nuts. For some reason even he can’t fathom, Leo returns with her to London to help her recover the rings and dowry.

While this book doesn’t stand out in the scheme of things I really enjoy reading Jak’s books (no matter which pseudonym she’s using at the time). I don’t enjoy ‘romance novels’ but I do enjoy mysteries with a romantic undercurrent and plenty of character. This book delivers on all fronts. All of the characters are amusing, they’re searching for lost artifacts (seems to be my theme lately, huh?), people are dying right & left, and I did not need my thinking cap to enjoy it (I think all day, I need an hour to relax my head!!).

I’ve seen several bloggers ragging on the traditional clichéd romance novel characters but I have to admit – they make me laugh, they are always a good light read, and I don’t have to think while reading them. For me, especially when I’m sitting at practice watching my children on the field/court, it’s the perfect thing to read. I can keep an eye on the kiddos and not wonder if I’m going to miss the plot.

Yet, even as I wrote my review the book sounded typical & clichéd but I can honestly say that this is a very enjoyable book and worth your time.

Rating: B

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