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Would You Like to Host the Christian Fiction Book Club?

It seems that the Christian Fiction Book Club is going to be an awesome way for our blogging community to learn about new authors and to get to know each other better. Joy’s intention was to have the blog hop around month to month so we all not only get to join in on the fun but we also get to share the responsibility.

If you’d like to host in the future, please, sign up here: HOST

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5 thoughts on “Would You Like to Host the Christian Fiction Book Club?

  1. I'm interested in hosting in 2011, but I've only been up and running since July. Also, I'd like to see how a few book clubs go. Joy knows my blog. You can view it at reneeannsmith [dot] com. Love your site! (And I've always found Eve and Rourke to be very entertaining!)

  2. Well, hosting the blog simply entails. Promoting the book that we chose for next month. Hosting the linky for the reviews. Doing a poll for the next month's book. Spending a couple of days hopping around & reading the linky-ed reviews. Hmm. I think that's about all that Joy & I've done…

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