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You, What?!?!

For several years now, I’ve assisted in coaching Zany’s soccer team. By years, I mean close to 6 years. By assisting, I mean that I’ve either been the coach or assistant coach at least one season every year. My son, Bug, has played soccer daily for 9 years now and I’ve helped out with that in a non-coaching capacity every season (yes, he plays all 4 seasons).

So, when I came home a mere two weeks into this fall season and said, “I played soccer for the first time today” it wasn’t any wonder that my kids laughed.

Hubby though, knows me well and responded, “YOU, played soccer? Yeah.”

Zany looked at him and said, “She always runs with us, but I’ve never seen her actually play before.”

Bug, who had been on my team in practice that day, started laughing. “Mom! I’m your son, how could you never have played before?”

Well, goodness! I stood there in shock, how had I managed to coach so very long without actually playing soccer? I know that I tend to stay away from the ball because of my lack of coordination but… really?

What have you done recently, that completely shocked you?

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3 thoughts on “You, What?!?!

  1. It's really a shame. I felt so guilty when I realized. Ugh! Anyway, it's made me spend more time on the field with the kids & less time reading…

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