Liz ran from Fool’s Gold at just eighteen. Although she had spent her life abused and in poverty, Liz thought she’d overcome her past and had been planning to stay and start a life with the founding family’s golden boy, Ethan. Well, that’s what she thought they’d been planning – until she overheard him tell his friends that he didn’t know her and wouldn’t date a whore.

Three weeks later she came back to tell Ethan that she was pregnant – only to find him in bed with one of her high school tormentors. So Liz ran again.

Being a single mom, she enjoyed each precious moment she had with her son, but she felt so much guilt at having not told Ethan that she returned again, when Tyler was just starting Kindergarten. This time she spoke to Ethan’s wife – another tormentor – and a few weeks later Liz received a letter from Ethan telling her he wanted absolutely nothing to do with Tyler and to never return to Fool’s Gold.

Circumstances have changed and Liz must return to Fool’s Gold to help out her nieces. It’s a small town but hopefully Liz will be able to avoid the Ethan and all of those people who ridiculed her throughout high school. If only someone had taken the time to help…

Susan Mallery is an excellent author. This is the first of her book’s that I’ve had the pleasure to read – but it won’t be the last. I’m a huge Nora Roberts fan and this book really reminded me of many of Nora’s HQ romances. It’s light and fun even when they deal with the big issues. The personalities and town are real. It feels like you’re returning home.

Thanks, Susan!!

If you’ve not read Susan Mallery’s books yet – pick them up!

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Rating: B+
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This book was lent to me for my honest review. No money has changed hands & I’ve honestly reviewed it.