An Eventful Journey



I only have two more things to pack and then I can go visit Grammy before I leave. No biggie I thought as I zipped up my suitcase. Only, t would zip. Ugh! Not now! I pulled a little hard and the entire zipper pulled away from the luggage. Great! I can’t travel like this!

“Hon, I need to make a stop before we go to the airport I bellowed,” as I dialed Grammy’s number to let her know I wasn’t coming.

I got to Khols only to find they were having a buy one get 1/2 off the second piece of luggage. Sure I need two but I don’t want to buy two. Grrr, I think as I toss two suitcases on the counter.

I got to the airport only to learn that my flight was delayed. No biggie I though. I had an hour and a half layover, it’ll be fine. Until we pulled into Detroit and I had 45 minutes to get to my flight…. the one that was boarding in ten according to the announcer…. and I needed to get to a different terminal… oh, yay! I will get my exercise today. I FINALLY made it to the terminal only to find that, while, yes, they were boarding, it was a completely packed flight and they were checking all carry-ons. Terrific.


The next morning I got up at my usual time – which happened to be 3am AZ time – and decided to work. I was so happy I was able to get stuff done! I happily ironed my clothes and then got in the shower. As I was getting dressed I realized my pants felt funny. Upon closer inspection I found that I’d melted them with the iron. I was certain it was going to be ok until I moved and the seam at my calf split — at least It was my leg and I was in my room!!


I awoke at 3 again the next morning thinking this day had to be better but as I put on my belt it snapped…. great, so I spent the day tugging at my pants… Well, at least until noonish when I realized I’d gotten a huge blister on my little toe that was bleeding. Yup – then I was hiking up pants & limping.


I woke bright and early again… quite exhausted. I worked for a while and then roamed down to breakfast to breakfast where I promptly spilled coffee all over my pants. Grrr. The only things left that were wearable are jeans, jammies, and my work-out capris (No, I don’t work out they’re just comfy.) Guess it’ll be jeans & sneakers. It killed me! Though my toe did finally feel better.

The conference wasn’t over until 3 but by noon I was exhausted and since I’d needed to check out of the hotel by 11 I just pulled my stuff together had lunch and walked to the train-bus thing that would take me to my next destination. I arrived to peace. It was an adorable little hotel with lots of orange trees and a dear little patio. I put on my comfy clothes, grabbed a book, and lounged for a while. Within an hour I was bored. Yeah, I know. So I went and grabbed dinner and called it a night. In bed by 8 Arizona time.


So, of course I couldn’t sleep and when I woke at 1am I’d decided to just get up and head to the airport. I needed to be there by 5 anyway. So, I got a leisurely shower and made my way to the checkout station. The checkouts were all closed for nightly maintenance, of course. Beakfast and snacks wouldn’t make it out until 6:30 and the shuttle would be 20 minutes… I’m so glad I had a book!
I got to the airport and guess what? Security was CLOSED. I didn’t know that even happened. Even Starbucks wasn’t open!! They didn’t even have the gates listed for the flights two hours before mine!!
The finally opened and started calling flights, immediately checking bags because there was no room for carryons. The departure from Phoenix was nice. The plane a bit cramped but overall fine. Then I got to Detroit. I was ready. I knew there was only a 20 minute layover and since I’d had to change concourses before I was ready. I jumped off the plane and checked the neared monitor for my gate number but it wasn’t listed. Of course it wasn’t! I asked the clerk and he directed me right back to where I’d arrived in Detroit earlier in the week. No problem! I was ready. I got over there with time to spare to grab a bite and use the restroom. Except, as I got to the gate I glanced at the monitor and noticed that the gate listed wasn’t the same that the one I was going toward. Nope. It was all of the way back past the gate where I’d just arrived. I verified with the attendant and low and behold Yes, I was going in the wrong direction.
I took off. As I jumped on the escalator an older man started talking to me. And then he started following me. He and two of his much younger associates-friends-whatever. They were different. Not exactly my style and then they asked how I liked living in Harrisburg. Uhhh, What?@!?!@ I’m staring at him as I’m mentally running down what he can see that I have that may say where I live. Then he started laughing and said that he was on my flight and heard me talking to the attendant. Hmmm.
So I found someone in our “group” that needed me and discarded my social time for another trip 😉

OK, it’s over, I’m home and I’m wondering, How could this still have been a great trip? Oh yeah, It was fun & funny!

Oh, and I’m heading to San Diego in a few weeks…

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