I AM!!

Are you ready for some challenges??It’s that time again!! Yes, I said it!It’s time to sign up for challenges!Reading Challenges, to be specific. I know you’re doing it! But why?

  • Is it the pretty buttons?
  • Is it the challenge?
  • or Is it just that you can’t seem to help yourself?

Well, whatever your reason. Join in on the fun!

Join the Reading Challenge Addicts Challenge!

Where we help you to control your addictiveness, help you to complete what you’ve started, and, well, sort-of kind-of, help you find more pretty buttons 😉

Sign up today!

3 Replies to “Are You A Challenge Addict?”

  1. and you thought it wouldn’t? oh computer wizard? lol Or is this where you and Bev were going to hide and add more challenges and think I wouldn’t find the two of you lol !!

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