Amish Fiction? YUCK!

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Every time I see a new Amish Fiction YUCK! is the first word to come to mind.

Recently, I read Out of the Storm, and it finally hit me why I avoid Amish Fiction like the plague.

I do not like the church leaders or many of the women.

Every time I read an Amish Fiction book I see judgemental women, leaders who spout about the horrors of leaving the community, and people who find God after either leaving their Amish community or ousting the church leaders.

What’s the deal?

How is this showing the power, majesty, and love of God?

I don’t like when any book portrays anything to an extreme – like the sickeningly sweet heroines or impossibly perfect heroes – but, this Amish thing is TOO MUCH!

What are your thoughts?

Have you read Amish fiction that’s different? Let me know – I’d love to try it!

Out of the Storm is an anthology featuring the winners of the 2014 “Storming the Short Story” contest, sponsored by a chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).


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    • Yes, I see the Amish frequently. Avoiding buggies on the road is an issue. I think I’d feel the same with any genre that consistently made the leaders out to be in the wrong. I’d love to see the leaders that are loving and compassionate highlighted… but I guess that fiction wouldn’t be as interesting, would it?

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