Review | A 9 Year Old’s Villainous…

Dec 23, 2015

9 Year old Stewart can’t wait! It’s finally Christmas. He’s been good all year to make sure Santa visits ands now his evil…


Review | The Santa Exclusive

Dec 22, 2015

The cynical Ran Anderson went from amazing pulitzer prize journalist to nasty drunk in no time. His readers, colleagues, and friends are all…


Review | Mrs Scrooge

Dec 21, 2015

Patricia Dean is a master manipulator in a ten year old body. She’s brilliant and ready to add a father to her family…


Review | All I Have to Give

Dec 17, 2015

Michael has given everything to his wifesince they’ve been married. He’d worked at a job he detested for years just to provide the…


Review | Asleep on the Hay

Dec 16, 2015

A Dust Bowl Christmas It’s Christmas Eve when a knock comes at the door of Paul’s family farmhouse. A small family is stranded…