Last Tuesday I teased you with ‘The Lure of Shapinsay’ trailer. Saturday, I hooked you in with my review. Today, though. Today, you get to get even more… an interview with the author, Krista Holle.

Krista, your book was really very interesting. I especially loved the setting. Was this something from your imagination, a place you’ve visited, or a bit of both?

Oh, I wish I’ve been to Shapinsay! For those not familiar with this tiny island, it’s one of the Orkney islands off the northern coast of Scotland. It’s a barren little place fully of rolling green hills, woolly white sheep, and lots of wind. So the “Lure” would feel authentic, I did a lot of research, but there’s some imagination where I couldn’t fill the holes. For example, the islanders of the time lived in fear of fairies and would have actually hired a fairy doctor (trowlie doctor) to help them repel the pesky creatures. I didn’t have any idea what might repel a fairy, so I invented the goat rib as a magical charm.


What intrigues you most about the selkies?

I’ve always loved the legends of the selkies, but what’s most fascinating to me is the magical lure the males use to lure human women to their deaths. Their lure is both dangerous and sexy at the same time. For the reader who’s not familiar with these mythical creatures, selkies are beautiful men and women who live as seals in the sea but occasionally shed their skins to walk on land as humans. The men are notorious for luring women to their deaths beneath the sea.


Can we expect more from you in the near future?

Of course! Later this summer The Wind Whisperer will be released It’s a young adult romance about a fifteen-year-old Native American girl with the ability to “hear” the voices of the wind spirits. While her tribe’s at war with a brother tribe, Anaii falls in love with the enemy. It’s a juicy love triangle filled with intrigue, murder, battles, and kidnappings. Even the guys will like this one. It will be coming out later this summer.


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