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More or Less a Marchioness

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The Somerset sisters, three beautiful, headstrong debutantes in Regency London, are discovering that a bit of scandal is a delightful thing…

For the sake of propriety, and her younger sisters’ reputations, Iris Somerset has kept her rebellious streak locked away. But though she receives a proposal from Phineas Knight, Lord of Huntington, Iris can’t marry a man she knows isn’t truly enamored with her. In fact, Iris no longer wants to be chosen—she wants to choose. Under the clandestine tutelage of “wicked widow” Lady Annabel Tallant, she’ll learn how to steer her own marriage prospects—and discover her secret appetites.

What kind of debutante refuses a marquess? Finn is surprised, a little chastened—and thoroughly intrigued. This new, independent version of Iris is far more alluring than the polished socialite she used to be. Finn believed he needed a safe, quiet wife to curb his wilder impulses. But the more Iris surprises him, the more impossible it becomes to resist their deepest desires.

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Hott Review:

Peaceful. Insipid. Dull.

That’s what Phineas Knight, the Marquess of Huntington, thought he was getting when he offered for Lady Iris. And he was happy with that… one may go so far as to say thrilled.

But when she finally choses to show that steel core and jilt him, Phineas realizes he may be losing more than he ever knew he had. So begins a merry chase.

I laughed my way though the pages of More or Less a Marchioness. Finn’s and Iris’s personalities are shop much fun, even when they’re fighting you’ll be fighting the urge to laugh. This is one of my favorite kinds of book to read because even when the plot is think or steamy reading is fun.

More or Less a Marchioness is a bookI know and we’ll enjoy again. It’s a fun and interesting historical romance with very little foul language. There are a few steamy sections and quite a bit of innuendo.


Author: Anna Bradley
Source: I was offered a copy of More or Less a Marchioness in hopes, but not requirement, of a review.
Publisher & Date: February 6th 2018 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 1516105354 (ISBN13: 9781516105359)
Pages: 250
Ages: 18+
Steam: Pretty hot | Though tastefully done and not detailed or raunchy
Setting: 1817 London, England
Series: The Somerset Sisters #1

More or Less a Marchioness

More or Less a Countess

More or Less a Temptress

Author Bio:

Anna BradleyOnce upon a time, on a dark and stormy night, Anna Bradley sat with quill in hand to write a book about two people who meet, fall in love and live happily ever after.

OK, so that’s not quite true. It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, and there was no quill; only a computer. But Anna did sit down, her fingers at the keys, her head full of stories about love and happily-ever-afters.

And so a writer was born.

Anna is from Maine, and attended college on the east coast. Being a practical girl, Anna chose to major in English literature at Wheaton College, then went on to get a Master’s degree at the University of Maine in, yes, you guessed it—English literature.

Anna’s wily, career-savvy choice of major paid off. She landed a job with Chawton House Library, a rare books library featuring works by British women writers from the 1600s through the Regency period. This job required that she read books, and write about books, and buy rare books from cool places like Sotheby’s. At night, after the library closed, Anna sometimes fondled the smooth leather covers of these books and dreamed of becoming a writer.

Anna’s reading, writing and fondling led to an enduring passion for stories about love, life, and romance. Anna writes sassy, steamy Regency historical romance, often with garters, cleavage-baring gowns and riding crops. History is sexier than you think, Gentle Reader.

Anna lives near Portland, OR, where people are delightful and weird and love to read. She teaches writing and lives with her husband, two children, a variety of spoiled pets, and shelves full of books.

Websites & Links: Anna Bradley's website Anna Bradley's twitter Anna Bradley's facebook



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