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My thoughtsIf you pay any attention to the news, you’ve seen the coverage of the religious-freedom battles playing out at the highest levels, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

But what you might not know is that, in just a few days, thousands of teens across the nation will take their own courageous stance in speaking up for religious freedoms and their biblical values.

They will do this on Thursday, April 10, during the Day of Dialogue®, a free-speech event for students sponsored by Focus on the Family.

On this day, college and high school students will initiate conversations with peers and share a Christian perspective on some of the most hot-button cultural debates of the day—especially when it comes to topics being discussed in their schools like same-sex marriage, sexuality and identity.

You may recall a recent email from us about free Day of Dialogue® resources for parents and pastors. But today, we’d like to call your attention to our new resource designed specifically for teens—the free, downloadable Student Guide. We’re hoping you’ll take some time to share it with a teen in your life before the upcoming event on April 10.

The guide provides a colorful, step-by-step chart on how to participate, as well as access to free-speech tools—including downloadable T-shirt and poster designs, Conversation Cards and information about students’ rights.

Students will also find an online quiz they can share with friends, a Conversation-Starter infographic linking to discussion questions and teen-friendly articles—as well as tips on having grace-filled responses and fun videos featuring thoughts from other students

One student who found a voice through Day of Dialogue® is Nathaniel, age 14,

who shared that “my school is heavily atheistic and pro-LGBT (promotion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender topics) and Christians (who have a biblical viewpoint on sexuality) are constantly under fire by our teachers and peers. My friends and I plan to use Day of Dialogue as a way to gather Christians together, who at my school have been (dealing with it) alone up to this year, and support one another.” Nathaniel said his group planned “to spark discussion” and show “God’s love and compassion.”

If you have a heart for empowering more Christian students to speak their values, then be sure to share this free resource with the students in your life!

The Day of Dialogue

–an annual, free-speech event for students who want to share a Biblical perspective on cultural issues–happens this year on April 10, 2014. On that day, thousands of students will share Conversation Cards with their friends at school (available at The cards feature this video to help students get the conversation started!

(this came from an email I received from Focus on the Family)

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