A couple of years ago….

We had the kids yearly physicals today. Zany was ready to get her shots because it was her 5 year check up. I had completely forgotten that the boys appointments were scheduled because they needed their chicken pox boosters.

Keep in mind as you read this – Zany had just turned 5, Bug will be 8 shortly, and CJ is 10.

I took off half of today to get the kids vaccinations updated. Goodness! I should have taken rope!!

When we went in we all knew Zany had to get her 5 year shots and thought it was no big deal. Then we got there and our wonderful nurse MJ – no, I’m not being sarcastic – mentioned that the boys would need their chicken pox boosters. Great, I thought, nothing to tie CJ up with.

Then he caught the conversation and said ‘no, just Zany, today’ MJ said ‘you need this for school’ CJ whimpered…

Well we made it through the rest of the appointment ok – we only had the occasional whimper from CJ.

Then Jane returned with the shots…

CJ started crying. Zany said ‘me first!’ and jumped up on the table. MJ put the first needle in. Zany screamed, gave me a really dirty look, and whispered very loudly ‘that hurts, mom’ well duh!

CJ started crying. Bug’s face was whiter than powder.

MJ very efficiently finished while I held Zany on the table. I gave her a hug and a kiss put her in a chair and smiled at the still crying CJ and said ‘you’re next.’

I know I’m hateful!

MJ ask if he wanted it in his thigh or his arm. he said ‘neither’. Goodness some days you just can’t win!

I told MJ it needed to go in his arm – I mean, really, he already had his knees in his chest and she was still across the room! As she walks towards him CJ starts convulsing. For heavens sakes – It’s just one – Zany had 4 and one of them was tetanus. Any way. I wrapped his arms around me. Pulled him close and started talking to him while he whimpered. Then MJ told him to get up & he was shocked – he didn’t even know she stuck him! (Poor MJ smiles at me and said this is typical for this age – whatever my 10 year old is a BIG baby!)

Poor Bug. He had to wait through all of that. He was still really pale but he looked at MJ and said – ‘I won’t cry’ then he looked at me and said ‘but you can hold my hand’ He hardly even flinched and he watched MJ stick him.

I was so proud! Then CJ said ‘that wasn’t so bad,’ well, maybe not for him but did I ever have a headache!!

I felt worse for MJ she’s the one that’s always stuck with the hard job!!

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