Hott Synopsis

The Donovan sisters are back!

Serena and Jonathan are enjoying the annual ball where they caught several years ago…

Olivia is enjoying her presentation to society, though she can’t fathom why Lord Fenwicke, a married man, is ogling and well, pressing himself against her – she’s never quite danced a waltz like this!

Hott Review

This is a hard one for me to articulate.

I didn’t like it. First it was hard to understand at the beginning. Then it seemed to end abruptly. Half of it were previews for the other books in the series.


It was enticing and if I’d read the first one, I’d most likely have enjoyed this tremendously.

So, if your looking for a way to while away a half hour with an enjoyable read or if you’d read the first one – absolutely grab this today!


Author: Jennifer Haymore
Grade: C+
Steam: Adult
Series: Donovan Sisters


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5 Replies to “Review: Once Upon a Wicked Night”

    1. Yeah, I have the first one, too, but haven’t read it yet. Maybe if I do this one will feel less disconnected.

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