Say What?

CJThe other night laying in bed hubby moved and said, “I can’t lay like that it makes my neck stiffer.”

I, of course, responded with, “Oh honey! I’m so sorry do you want for me to massage it for you?” uh, nope that’s SO not me… I really said: “Stiffer? Yeah, I don’t think that’s the correct word to use in that sentence. It may not even be a word.”

“Really? Stiffer isn’t a word? Are you sure?”

“No, but it sounds silly when you use it like that.”

“Well, what should I say?”

“More Stiff.”

Hubby commences with grumbling about how we can’t have a conversation without me complaining about his grammar when CJ walks in. Our 16-yr old know-it-all.

Hubby decides to get his input, “Is stiffer a word?”

“Uh, you mean more stiff?”

I laughed until I had tears running down my face.

All hubby could do was grumble about kids taking after their mothers 😉

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