The Great Parent Debate

fireman_alarm.pngHubby and I were arguing. Oh, it wasn’t your typical argument. It was one of those crazy arguments that make no sense whatsoever.

You see we had signed our son up for soccer — I know you’re shocked, right? And the coach was, well lets say he was less than we hoped. He just wasn’t at all what we wanted our son to have. He was critical, he was rude, and he wasn’t well he wasn’t coaching with a Christian attitude.

Now, Hubby and I tried really hard to protect my children but there are times when I think that they need to let life kick them in the rear end. This was one of those times.

Hubby on the other hand thought that we should pull our son from the team — it was a very very difficult decision for both of us. We had to decide whether we wanted the team to remain intact or remove our son from this difficult situation. A situation our son could not win. Do we protect him or do we let him make his own decision?

Well actually, we told him he had to stay on the team. Yes I did, it wasn’t because I wanted him to remember the values of not quitting. It wasn’t because I wanted him to remember that we don’t desert our friends. It wasn’t because I felt that he was the best player or the worst player on the team. It wasn’t because the coach could teach him something. It was because I wanted my son to learn that not everyone is going to like him. This coach was the first person in Bug’s entire life that hasn’t thought he was the most adorable child ever. Bug couldn’t win. There was nothing he could do to win in this situation and in life we all face these no-win situations.

I really wanted my son to have an experience dealing with someone who for absolutely no reason just did not like him and was ‘out to get him’. I believe it’s important to allow your kids to be in situations that make them uncomfortable while you’re still there to protect them and help them deal with it.

Let’s not let our children leave our home completely unprepared for real life! Let’s give them the strength and the love that they need to be a proper person a responsible person and a loving person.

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  • Brave and awesome decision. I know as parents we want to protect our kiddos. But there comes points in which we have to let them deal with icky people and situations so they can learn and grow.

  • I think that is awesome! I am not a parent so I try not to have a “stance” where parenting is concerned (it is real easy for me to say something when I don’t have to follow it up) but I am always really happy when parents teach “both” sides of life. I was a happy kid with a great childhood but I knew what it was to lose, not have someone like me, and have to deal with those things. My parents told me constantly they loved me but let me work out the other with only advice. The only time they “interfered” was if they thought it went over a line (only once) or that I wasn’t giving it my all (a few times–heck as kids we all want to avoid). BRAVO!

    • Thanks, Felicia. Parenting is much more difficult than I ever thought it would be — but it’s also much more fun and rewarding. I just pray every day that I’m doing the right thing & then go with it. 🙂

  • Great post and great decision. I agree with you. These situations will occur in life and it is a valuable lesson. I hope things work out and your son learns from this. I know it wasn’t easy and I really, really respect you for making the tough decisions.

    Paul R. Hewlett

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