Wow! What a Time Saver!

2You know how it is.

You’re driving down the road listening to your favorite song on the radio when suddenly you think that would make a great blog post!

So what do you do? Um, well usually I forget about them and keep moving and then when I’m due to have a Sunday post up I think, “man, I know that I had a great blog post for that but what on earth was I thinking about?”

Well, I finally have an answer to that!!


Several years ago, I downloaded this nasty little app called Evernote and I use it all the time. I use it for my grocery lists. I use it for my to do lists. I use it for my doctors appointments. I use it for tons of stuff but you know what? Um, there’s a nifty little voice to text thing on my phone and well, guess what? I can talk to my phone and draft my blog post right on the spot! So you KNOW what a time saver that is?

So the next time you’re driving down the road thinking about well me — why don’t you go ahead and start drafting your next post? Especially when that lady that in front of you cuts you off and you’re laughing at her 😉

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  • I’ve never heard of that, but what a great idea. It’s better than scrambling for something to write on, and with, and trying to stay on the road. i love the falling leaves on your blog ~ how clever! Have a great day and thanks for the tip!

    Paul R. Hewlett

    • Thanks, Paul!
      It was so silly but I felt so dumb because that’s what I was doing scrambling to find something to write on when I remembered I’d just updated my checklist & thought I’d give it a try.

      Stop by on Wednesday, Paul — I’ve got a book for YOU!!

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