Last year…

I was cleaning up the table before dinner I picked up Zany’s rain coat. I had just cleaned it and yet here it was covered in mud from the neck to the top of her head.

All I could do was to shake my head and say, “Zany, what on earth did you do?”

She gave me this look and said, “but Mom, Red needed help getting up. I had to help her!” And she said it in that ‘Mom, why can’t you understand this was an essential service’ kind of voice.

Stan started laughing and said ‘Did you have to stand on your head to help her up?’

She just looked at him like he was clueless and said, ‘No, she did’

I said, ‘Red stood on her head in the mud?’

Then she rolled her eyes and said, ‘No, Mom, she stood on my head.’ While i stood there flabbergasted, she continued, ‘Red couldn’t reach the tire swing so she stood on my head.’

I just smiled and said ‘ok, honey but next time, could you ask Red to clean her feet off first?’

Zany replied, ‘Red did but Reggie forgot to….’

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