A couple of years ago I wrote this…

Last week we took her to meet her teacher and to see her classroom and she has seemed very excited – a bit nervous – but very excited.

Yesterday morning she was definitely excited. She woke up right away. She insisted on having 2 servings of pancakes. She put on her special first day dress and was ready to go. She was so excited to get on the bus. Unfortunately that didn’t last.

She enjoyed the bus trip but upon realizing that Mrs. H was taking her to school and not just bringing her back up she became upset. So upset, in fact that she threw up as they pulled into the school’s parking lot at about 8:20.

She got cleaned up and began her first day of K-4. However much to her chagrin, her teacher, Mrs. T, did not do as she was told and – I know many of you will not believe this – but Mrs. T had the audacity to tell Zany what to do! It’s okay, though, in typical Zany fashion she stood her ground – she refused – and then she threw up on the desk.

This is when they decided they should call her mother. I received the call at 9:22 – she had barely been there an hour – and was asked what I thought should be done. I suggested some gum or Tums and that she stay and stick it out… so the princess was given a Tums and sent back to class.

Upon returning to class, Mrs. T asked for something from Alexandra’s backpack. Alexandra decided that as her mother had asked that she give this to Mrs. T she would graciously comply. Unfortunately, her mother did not specify that she needed to zip her back pack up. So when Mrs. T requested that Zany zip up her backpack Zany said, “No.” Mrs. T insisted that the pack be zipped so my always gracious daughter suggested that Mrs. T do it herself. She then proceeded to throw up three more times on the floor.

At this point, approximately 9:56, her mother was called again. I arrived at 10:18 and found her sleeping in the nurse’s cot. She smiled and waved goodbye to everyone there, thanked Mrs. H for giving her a ride on the bus, and let her brothers know she was going home.

As we got into the car i explained how disappointed i was in her for not trying harder to stay and obey and she apologized very prettily. As we pulled out of the parking lot she said, “Can we go to McDonalds now? That place makes me sick…”

I guess we’ll try again tomorrow…

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