The Ugliest Man

Apr 10, 2016

As I was driving down the road the other day, I saw the ugliest guy I think I have ever seen in my…


Review | The Mindful Diet

Apr 6, 2015

How to Transform Your Relationship with Food for Lasting Weight Loss and Vibrant HealthYou’re on that tetering edge of hating to look at…


I Haven’t a Clue – Do You?

Jun 1, 2014

I recently wrote reviews for the Legends of Amun Ra series and mentioned that “they weren’t exactly YA appropriate” which would have been…


Just Stop Already!!

Apr 27, 2014

I sort of have a problem. A very big problem. I just can’t seem to stop &, quite frankly, it affects my kids…


Say What?

Apr 6, 2014

The other night laying in bed hubby moved and said, “I can’t lay like that it makes my neck stiffer.” I, of course,…