Hott Synopsis:

Ruth can’t get past the feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm that she’s felt since she became a widow. With six children and no way to provide for them is there anything else she could feel? She just can’t provide for them the way that she did before…

Then, the things she so desperately needs just start appearing in boxes on her front porch. Who could be providing for them? Who could understand exactly what she needs or when she feels lowest?

And who is that handsome man that just moved in down the lane?

Hott Review:

This book is a very difficult one to review. Even though at the end of I can say it was a good book, there were several times when I just wanted to put it down and walk away. The first half really drug for me. The writing wasn’t poor it was just that it was sad and action oriented. Very different than what I read.

The romance was sweet but a bit quick and different.

Take note, though, I did end up buying this book for Grandma it’s something that she’ll love.


Author: Linda Byler
Source: Open Road Media via Netgalley
Grade: B
Ages: 16+
Steam: YA



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