Hott Synopsis:

Merri Duncan has spent the last four years caring for her sister’s twins and waiting for their father,Chase Armstrong, to take an interest. When Chase finally returns from his military tour he’s astonished to find that he is the biological father of the kids – his brother forged his name at the pregnancy clinic – and wants to be the father he didn’t know he was.

Merri just happens to have donated her egg to produce these wonderful twins and is the biological as well as guardian of the kids so the two decide that their best bet for giving the twins the family they deserve is to marry and legally adopt them.

What they weren’t counting on is a judge and entire town watching to see what the reasoning is behind the hasty marriage and whether there are ulterior motives.

Hott Review:

What I liked: This was a really cute book. I like the light low-meat Harlequins when I want a quick fun read & I was disappointed in that 😉 Yup! This book was REALLY good. It was intense, realistic, and lots of fun.
The steam was a bit intense – the kissing was tremendously steamy – but it wasn’t graphic or raunchy, just real.
What I didn’t like: The synopsis — I read the synopsis and then started reading the book and for the longest time felt like I was reading the wrong book. I did eventually get there but it was confusing.


Author: Cathy Gillen Thacker
Source: Harlequin via Netgalley
Grade: A
Steam: Cinnamon Schnapps!
Series: The Legends of Laramie County #3

Author Bio:

Dear Readers,

The love stories in my family have always been fodder for romance novels.

My maternal grandmother and grandfather simultaneously ran a business together and raised four daughters, long before it was an accepted thing to do. Grandpa O’Dell ran the gas station and the barber shop; Grandma O’Dell managed the grocery and cooked for customers. They were true partners and madly in love and parted, tragically, way too soon when he succumbed to cancer when he was in his early fifties. Grandma grieved deeply but eventually picked herself up, started a new career as a cafeteria chef, and eventually found deep romantic love and happiness again, in the form of a second marriage. (from goodreads)

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