How do you find a murderer who takes a persons heart? Begin by looking at their skills of removal, of course.
Eve is doing her best to determine who is killing the homeless and removing their vital organs, however, it’s the skill with which they are removed that leaves her with the most questions. These people have been given anesthetic and are clamped as if this was a surgery, yet it’s done in the filthiest of places and the ‘patients’ are left to die.Upon arriving to her first crime scene Eve is met with another cop who detests her. Never has she felt such malice from a fellow officer. Why? What’s worse the officer seems out to get her and causes so much trouble that Eve’s very life – her badge – is on the line.
I’m not sure which is my favorite part of this book. Eve searching for a murderer or Eve trying to reorient herself after losing her badge. The entire story is just enthralling. I just couldn’t put it down – which was bad as it’s Easter weekend & I’m supposed to be socializing…Rating: A+One thing I love about the book — We meet Louise Dimatto. She’s a Harvard grad with a trust fund who chooses to work in an unfunded, back-street, free clinic helping people who actually need it. She works herself like Eve does helping those in need. Their friendship that grows in the following books makes so much more sense after reading how they met.

One thing I really didn’t like about the book — we met Webster from Internal Affairs in Ceremony in Death but he pops up here like an unknown character. That is something that always irks me! I admit that I find this less in NR books than in most but authors, please, review what you’ve written because I, at least, detest when something changes that shouldn’t have. Like introducing a character for the second time.

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad you loved this one, Gina. I'm going to start it very soon… probably early next week if I can finish what I'm reading now over the weekend.

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