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Welcome to my 30 Days of Christmas Reviews Holiday Feature!30 Days of Christmas Reviews

Beginning November 26th and continuing through December 31st, I will be posting 30 Christmas Reviews. Shop by Christmas 30 and find great new reads for Christmas.

I’d also like to add your Christmas Spirit to mine. So, link up any Christmas review that you create and join in on the fun! Add Your Reviews!

Hott Synopsis

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It was not running away but rather a search for new opportunities when Clay McKettrick left the folds of the Triple M ranch to start our on his own. He purchased the land for a ranch and took a position as a lawman in a quiet town that offered him lodgings as part of his salary until his home is built.

Yet, when the mayor of town explains that the lodgings that go to the lawman as part of his salary will be available as soon as he evicts the previous lawman’s widow Clay opts to sleep in the jailhouse.

Then all of the pieces of Clay’s life start to fall together as a wonderful Christmas miracle.

Hott Review

Endearing. It was so sweet that I’m still choked up.

I’m not sure if I fell more in love with Clay or the little girls but I was definitely in love with this book.

Author: Linda Lael Miller
Grade: A
Steam: Y/A… until the epilogue then very steamy
Series: McKettricks 14
Others in the series:
  1. High Country Bride, 1
  2. Shotgun Bride, 2
  3. Secondhand Bride, 3
  4. McKettrick’s Choice, 4
  5. Sierra’s Homecoming, 5
  6. McKettrick’s Luck, 6
  7. McKettrick’s Pride, 7
  8. McKettrick’s Heart, 8
  9. The McKettrick Way, 9
  10. A McKettrick Christmas, 10
  11. McKettricks of Texas: Tate, 11
  12. McKettricks of Texas: Garrett, 12
  13. McKettricks of Texas: Austin, 13
  14. A Lawman’s Christmas, 14

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