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Is your family ready for summer?

Mine is getting there.

We started with: Meme Tales. Meme Tales is a cute app for the pc and ipad/iphone with books for young readers. You can find the app in iTunes. Additional information about the app can be found on the dedicated Readathon website.

We also joined in on the Tyndale Summer Reading program. Where we are able to earn tons of free books by reading. What is the Tyndale Summer Reading program? Basically, you can earn free books by reading and sharing about books from our summer reading list, and for every five books you read you earn a free book.

What else? Well, quite honestly every year I grab the kids workbooks. I love them! Every summer they are required to complete one workbook. They are welcome to work ahead – but if they do the works as suggested, it only takes them about 20 minutes a day.

I’ve gotten several but I’ve had the most success with the Summer Bridge series. It has a bit of everything from the previous year and helps to keep them ready for the coming year. The best thing about these books? They include age appropriate activities that are really a lot of fun.

This year, though, I also added in a few additional books. We grabbed the review of 8th grade math for my oldest and the Reading Assessment book for my younger two.

What else? Well, since they don’t make the workbooks for those entering high school, I went with the math review I just showed you, plus the entire Artemis Fowl series. (I think it’s silly, but at least he’s reading, right?)

Looking for activities more than learning? Well, I’ve heard that Apple, Lowes, and Home Depot are offering no cost classes. You can also bowl for free just by registering at

Can’t get out of the house? Barnes and Noble is hosting an on-line story time.

What does your family have planned this summer?

Thank you so much to the Bargainist for finding many of these things & keeping me in the loop!

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