Do You Suffer? I Do!

As I was doing my weekly feed reading, I came across an article by and just had to laugh. The article, entitled, ‘Do you suffer from ‘office ADHD?’ was fun but more than that it shocked me. I had no idea!!

Maybe he’s right and most of us suffer but just don’t know it.

So I did some searching and found the original article with the 20 symptoms just to check things out.

Here are my symptoms…

  • Organizationally challenged: I can’t believe this is true. I have piles. Yes, they cover my office but if someone moves something I’ll never get it finished.
  • Trouble starting and finishing projects: I Do finish projects… as soon as they stop creating new apps and plug-ins for them.
  • Difficulty being subtle: okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have told my son that he looks like a dork when he runs but come on! He needs to know! By the way — would someone, PLEASE, tell those people on America’s Got Talent that they don’t! (I’m talking about the thousands that don’t even make it to Vegas)
  • Hyper-focused to the point of losing track of time: I know I get off at three but my reminders are annoying! They get in between me and my screen!
  • Multi-tasks to the point of distraction: I don’t. Oh! An email!
  • Does not work well in traditional workplace setting: What do you mean I’m supposed to sit at my desk and keep my shoes on? I just can’t work like this!
  • Addictive personality: What do you mean I have to wait for the next Susan Mallery book? I want it now! Get her on the phone! I only have 2389 unread books on my kindle, 1346 on my nook, 28 on the coffee table and 37 on my iPad I need that one now!
  • High energy: What constitutes as high energy? I’m a mother of three, full-time employee, full-time housewife, daily blogger, soccer mom, website designer, problem solver extraordinaire, and avid reader. Is that enough?

What are yours?

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