Crystal and Keith desperately wanted children so, knowing the possible dangers to be had in Afghanistan, before Keith was deployed they began the in vitro fertilization process. Keith died overseas and when Crystal went to have the eggs implanted the doctor found cancer. After a long battle Crystal left her friends and embryos behind and joined Keith.

Pia loved Crystal more than anyone and is staggered by Crystal’s death. At least she still has Crystal’s cat to remember her by. Well, until the will is read and Pia learns that she must give up the cat… it’s okay the cat didn’t really like her anyway. Wait a minute.. read that part of the will again.. Crystal left Pia her embryos? 
Why would Crystal do something like that? Pia can’t even keep a houseplant alive! The cat hates her! 
Everyone who has ever claimed to love Pia has left her – her parents, her boyfriends, and now Crystal!
What will Pia do with embryos?

I really enjoy Susan Mallery books. They’re like slipping into an old comfy shoe. It’s not hilarious. It’s not sleazy. It’s not depressing. It’s funny, and romantic, and sad – it’s a wonderful book.

For me the hardest part about these books is that I know what’s going to happen. The characters are set up in the beginning and they progress to a pre-determined destination. If you don’t enjoy a classic romance with a contemporary feel you won’t enjoy this. There is no murder, no mayham, no paranormal, no magic. Just classic romance.

Grab a comfy chair – preferably by the pool – and read this!

I received this as an ARC – it will be released on 8/31/2010– Preorder it today!!   Finding Perfect (Hqn)  Goodreads

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

37 Replies to “Finding Perfect”

  1. sounds good. I have not read anything by her. Seeing as how i am in book buyers anonymous….it will have to be added to a list for future buys!

  2. My ma-in-law is a hugh fan of this author. So far I have resisted her insistance that I read the books, after reading your review I feel myself giving in. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I wasn't so sure I'd like her but after two of her books – I'll say she's an author to follow.

  4. I happened upon your review on Twitter. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed FINDING PERFECT. Thank you for your lovely review. I'm going to link to it from my website,

    You might also be interested in the Fool's Gold city website. This is something different I'm doing with my new series. The website extends the books, builds the town. I post regular news updates about the characters. In the latest update, Josh and Charity from CHASING PERFECT have announced their wedding date. Lots of freebies on the Fun Stuff page, too!

  5. Thanks Juju!!

    How snazzy is that? Susan Mallery posting on my measly little blog!

    Doesn't her website idea look cool? I believe I'll check it out later & post my findings!

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