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Gabriella St George will kill the man who murdered her father. It doesn’t matter if she dies in the process – she has nothing left to live for anyway.

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Both of her parents are dead and Gabriella has little hope of providing for herself without treading the boards.

Wyvern is quite bored. His conquests are too easy. His life too well run. His mistresses too predictable. When Wyvern meets Gabriella, he’s instantly attracted but she is quite absolutely off limits – seventeen, innocent and the niece of a good friend – since he’s not in the market for a wedding.

Can Gabriella convince Wyvern that she’s not as concerned about proprietors or her uncle, as he is?

Hott Review

I love books that begin with a confrontation and I love that there is always an element of suspense in these books. (quite tame utterly forseeable suspense but fun just the same). I also love that she falls for the man in spite of the title.

** The Following Contains Spoilers **
Though overall I enjoyed the book the heroine was annoying at times. I had to keep reminding myself that she was 18. Moving out of your house but still ‘allowing’ your husband to visit in order to produce the required heir is absurd – especially when your house is big enough for you both to live in it without ever seeing each other.

Author: Tracy Anne Warren
Rating: B
Steam: Adult
Series: Mistress Trilogy 3
Publisher: Ballantine Books Publish Date: 12/26/2007
ISBN: 0345495411 Price: $1.97(GR)
Others in the series: My Fair Mistress, 1
The Accidental Mistress, 2
His Favorite Mistress, 3

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