I love independent authors. The real ones. The ones who can actually write. The ones who are undiscovered gems.

I believe I’ve found such an author in Jacqueline Gardner. Ms. Gardner requested that I review her book and I refused, agreeing instead to do an interview because I was so backed up. However, after picking it up and reading the first few chapters I just had to grab up several copies and share them with my nieces. We all really enjoyed this book!

If you like Paranormal or YA, you’re sure to enjoy Thoughtless!

So many think that being able to hear others’ thoughts is the best super-power of them all but you make show the pitfalls and challenges. What drew you in that direction?

Oh I would never choose that super-power. Some things are better left private! I would probably pick something like time travel because I’m not a very patient person, though I’m sure having that power would eventually backfire.

My idea for Thoughtless started with a simple question that popped into my head one day. What if I could’ve heard others’ thoughts in high school? Maybe then I would have realized sooner that I wasn’t the only teenager with problems. Traditionally, main characters are set apart because of a special ability or foreseen future. But I thought it would interesting to see a story like this from a more realistic point of view. Bridget doesn’t see her ability as anything special, because in a way she is burdened with the problems of everyone she meets.

What is it about YA Paranormal that fascinates you most?

I like writing YA because I like writing ‘firsts’. I think a first kiss and a first love is more exciting to read about. And paranormal twists bring unpredictability. I like to escape to other worlds when I read, and every story I’ve written so far has been something I wish I could have found at my local bookstore.

Can we expect to see more from you?

Yes! I’ve started three different series and I intend on finishing them. I’m currently working on the next book in the Thoughtless series.


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