I’ve Turned Into a Bumbling Idiot

Don’t even start objecting because I really have… It went something like this:

Me: Sir, I’m calling Staples today because I can’t get this coupon to work. I’ve tried several times it just won’t go through.

CSR: No problem, Ma’am. Can you give me the coupon so I can check it out for you?

Me: Sure it’s xxxxxxx.

CSR: Well, that coupon is valid. Would you mind if we just place your order over the phone and then I can make sure that you’re credited?

Me: Ok. My first product is OfficeMax paper.

CSR: Did you just say OfficeMax Paper?

Me: Yes, Sir.

CSR: *giggling* Ma’am… this is Staples.

Me: Well, Jimeney Christmas, no wonder the stupid coupon won’t work! UGH!!!

CSR: *openly laughing* would you like me to get the number for OfficeMax for you?

Me; Uh… No, thanks I’ve wasted you time enough today.

CSR: *STILL openingly laughing* Oh, it was a pleasure.

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