This In Death installment begins just hours after closing Holiday In Death. Peabody still isn’t completely together – it’s only been a few hours since she was almost raped & murdered.
Eve begins the book standing over the dead – as usual. That’s where it detours from the typical – but that’s to be expected as we’re dealing with crazy. David Palmer has returned. David was a rare individual. He didn’t murder people, he just tortured them in the name of science to see exactly how long they could last. He escaped from prison as has returned to ‘thank’ Eve and all of her little helpers for his time there. Eve is just now standing over the first of those helpers – the judge that convicted Palmer.Lucky for Eve, there’s a note attached to the judge’s crotch outlining David’s intended victims. It should be easy to just lock everyone up and get this taken care of right? Wrong. First, it’s Christmas and not everyone can be found. Second, FAMILY. Third, well, Mira agrees to go if you’ll go too. Nope, don’t think so…
This book is terrific! I believe, that Eve gets more emotional in this book than she does in any other and that coupled with Mira being in danger is almost more than she can handle. It really is worth the read!! But be prepared to not put it down.Rating: A+

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  1. I loved this little novella, too. I agree. Eve was rather emotional in this story and I got pretty choked up when she was so upset about Dr. Mira being taken, too. And in Holiday In Death when Peabody was taken by that psycho.

  2. I will warn everyone though – IF YOU BUY 'THREE IN DEATH' THE BOOKS ARE OUT OF ORDER.

    I was travelling and picked it up and read the first one and then found out that i should have read the second – man was I irritated…

    Oh well, I enjoyed the first one but I really wanted to read them in order!!

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