At the start of this past school year, we needed to change the kids bus route around a bit. The bus had been driving right past my office quite a while after I put the kids on it. It really bothered me that they spent all of the extra time sitting there when they could sleep just a few more minutes.

I was a bit worried about what would happen if I was running late or if I needed to run out but thought that my kids were old enough to handle it. So, I explained to them where they’d be getting on and off and at what times and asked if they had any questions. Two of them said no and took off, but that third one…

“Mom, what if you get sick and can’t take us to the bus?”

“Dad will take you.”

“What if he’s travelling?”

Huh? I never even thought of that… first response…. “Grammy will take you.”

“What if you’re in a meeting and can’t get out?”

“You can go into my office and start your homework.”

“What if the meeting is away?”

“Mr. B or Miss L will put you in my office until I return.”

“What if they’re on vacation?”

Are you serious? “Mrs. W will let you in.”

“What if she needs to run out and you don’t know she’s gone?”

You have GOT to be kidding me!!! “Do you remember the neighbor that I take you to visit when you stop by work? You can go to her house. She doesn’t leave.”

“Mom, I’m so glad that you think through everything. I never have to worry.”

Oh My Goodness!!!! What kind of a ten year old thinks of these things?!?!?

How do your kids see you?

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  • That is so sweet and quite funny to read. He sounds a little like me. I think and sometimes worry about every possible outcome.

    My 4 yr old has just started “back seat driving” he obviously knows about my sense of direction. LOL


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