It’s that time again! It’s time for my 30 reviews of Christmas. This year, I’m starting early though — I mean, I can’t wait until December to buy these books so why should you?

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30 Days of Christmas 2013, Review 1

Hott Synopsis

Evie is ready to run… as soon as she gets enough money in the bank to get her out of this town. Who would have thought that a family who’d spent their lives ignoring her or treating her like a dirty secret would swoop in and take over her life when she got hurt? Who thought she wanted them to?

Now, they want to pretend that nothing happened. Just brush everything under the rug and forget about it.

Evie is SO not ready for that and luckily she has an ally – her oldest brother’s business partner, the non-committing lawyer, Dante. Together maybe they can make it out of this town – and far away from her ‘family’!

Hott Review

AWWWW!! Going into this book I didn’t care much for Evie or Dante. In the other books they were sort of portrayed as whiners and that personality quirk just grates at me. I didn’t ever love them as people but I did like them much better at the end.
What I liked: I liked the shock and awe the Evie and Dante had with Fool’s Gold. I know it sounds silly but there is just something about this town that makes even the reader feel like part of a community. This love and community shown in this book brought tears to my eyes several times!
What I didn’t like: This book struck a personal chord with me due to the issues between Evie and her mother, so it was a bit more stressful than it would be for a typical reader.


Author: Susan Mallery
Grade: A
Steam: Adult
Series: Fool’s Gold, 10

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  1. Oh my word, I have to say I have been tempted to start Christmas reading, but… no! I am not going to do it! I will wait. Well that and I have so many other books to read first. But I do have some really great Christmas books lined up.

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