Review: Death by Petticoat

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Were hat makers really mad?
Did many women die from their petticoats catching on fire?
Were wigs really set by baking them in loaves of bread?
Why are Manu southern kitchens separate from the house?
Were women really so vain that they ate arsenic to lighten their complexions?Find the answers to these questions and more today!

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Colonial Williamsburg is one of my favorite places. I love history when it’s hands on a fun – not so much the technical kind with just names and dates. In that respect this was an awesome book for me!

When we went to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown on our honeymoon eons ago, we learned so many odd facts and stories that I was enthralled. This book captured those stories and added many more!

This was one of those books that I read a myth or two and then shared them with the family thereby giving us all a fun way to learn and something that interested the entire family – from 5 to 60!


Author: Mary Miley Theobald (Goodreads Author), Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Grade: A

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